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Nathan Owens 0385294ce5 mount-fstab: add -O noauto,no_netdev 6 days ago
doc fix manpages translation 2 weeks ago
module/boot@ mount-fstab: add -O noauto,no_netdev 6 days ago
package binfmt script 4 months ago
service Add note about rc.local shebang to config 4 months ago
tools first commit 2 years ago
.gitignore fix man script 1 year ago
AUTHORS pass to module type 1 year ago provide a tty classic service as tty-earlier@ for tty12(or other) to avoid dependencies of the tty@ service 8 months ago
LICENSE update LICENSE 8 months ago
Makefile Fix cgroups-release path and add release script 6 days ago Bump v2.4.0 2 weeks ago
config.mak fix makefile sed for script dir 4 months ago
configure Add locale setup 4 months ago
install-man8 use s6's version of cgroups 2 weeks ago