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DONE = Symlinks in profiles are dereferenced, move 80-net-link-something.rules into package
= Move some stuff out of the profiles into packages
DONE |_ Desktop settings -> artix-$DE-presets
DONE |_ Application settings -> app-presets
FIXED /etc/rc.local from artix-branding-base overwrites /etc/issue with artix:artix info
DONE Change prompt from $ to % in community profiles
Openbox not deleted from xsessions <-- see next
Make rc.local execute stuff in /etc/local.d under runit/s6:
ls -l /sbin/init | sed 's/.*->\ \(.*\)-init/\1/'
DONE mimeapps.list must be separate for each profile
DONE Networkmanager in LXQt
DONE GRUB not 1280x1024
Autologin-session doesn't work