111 Commits (master)

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artoo 9fb0b98c6a live-s6: drop alpm hook 3 months ago
Dudemanguy a606b09367 0.13.5 4 months ago
nous a94e642103
simplify square brackets 5 months ago
artoo 1c6a1e592c Merge pull request 's6: update to the new s6-rc format' (#12) from s6-new-format into master 5 months ago
Dudemanguy f29508d011 s6: update to the new s6-rc format 5 months ago
Dudemanguy a28ed7f20d 0.13.4 5 months ago
strajder 4739509ac7
liveservices-hook: Merge broken sed arguments into single lines 5 months ago
nous 2d8d60c0bc
fuck -e 5 months ago
nous 04363a50bb
makefile bump 5 months ago
nous f1368b1aa7
fix crash in DE 5 months ago
Dudemanguy 51ef407331 0.13.1 5 months ago
Dudemanguy 33d9fd2da3 66: remove pointless fdmove in pacman-init 5 months ago
Dudemanguy 56f1455c77 makefile: add alpm hooks to install_s6/66 5 months ago
strajder 5b35f20375 liveservices-hook: Add 66-specific setup 5 months ago
Dudemanguy 730908dc51 add alpm-hook for live services 5 months ago
nous 9672ce5b46
0.13 5 months ago
nous 9cf651405e
0.12.3 5 months ago
M. Herdiansyah 65c79b931c 0.12.2 6 months ago
M. Herdiansyah 19fae52dc0 0.12.1 6 months ago
M. Herdiansyah 1f62798998 dinit: use live.d for live services 6 months ago
artoo 231acc723b rc: use a display-manager provide 6 months ago
nous dafee38770 Update 'bin/desktop-items.in' 6 months ago
dudemanguy 91f8c5d64a s6: minor cleanups 6 months ago
nous 0bff2c5715
complete list 6 months ago
nous 88ebe2ee63
openrc: start before display manager 6 months ago
nous d253e889c5
0.12 6 months ago
nous 71cb6715a5
add dinit 6 months ago
M. Herdiansyah a4c443b658 0.11.3 8 months ago
artoo a1c122c058 Merge pull request 'add initial support for dinit' (#10) from konimex/live-services:master into master 8 months ago
M. Herdiansyah bea63084ab add initial support for dinit 8 months ago
nous 83b9a674a8
0.11.2 8 months ago
nous 26ffee5d7c Merge pull request 'fix suite66 pdf' (#9) from nous/live-services:master into master 8 months ago
nous 8c3a81d0ee fix suite66 pdf 8 months ago
artoo 91b23a5265 remove archlinux keyring 12 months ago
Nathan Owens aa58c995eb Add haveged depends 1 year ago
artoo 68b91bc6ec Merge pull request 'Add 66 to Makefile' (#8) from ndowens/live-services:master into master 1 year ago
Nathan Owens e3c3b5d9a5 Add 66 to Makefile 1 year ago
artoo edaf1d8c0b Merge pull request 'Add 66 services' (#7) from ndowens/live-services:master into master 1 year ago
Nathan Owens 3d97503604 Add 66 services 1 year ago
artoo e9e2ec9d9e live (#6) 1 year ago
nous 320dc22775
I am stupid 2 years ago
nous 759f8236f1
Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.artixlinux.org/artix/live-services 2 years ago
nous 51017c4789
change calamares icon in i18n 2 years ago
nous 9fafba1f67 change order of plasma, to fix community-qt default DE 2 years ago
nous 1bb3f828fe
force copy just in case 2 years ago
nous 76618b8ffe
fix calamares not shown correctly in MATE and Cinnamon 2 years ago
nous b0accd6320
fix i18n symlinking and reinstate calamares 2 years ago
artoo 186c4cc944 check for neofetch 2 years ago
artoo 36b3def4df Merge pull request 'set branding' (#4) from neo into master 2 years ago
artoo bff662b2bb remeove s6 pacman-init dependencies file 2 years ago