37 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dudemanguy f29508d011 s6: update to the new s6-rc format 7 months ago
Dudemanguy 33d9fd2da3 66: remove pointless fdmove in pacman-init 7 months ago
artoo 231acc723b rc: use a display-manager provide 7 months ago
dudemanguy 91f8c5d64a s6: minor cleanups 8 months ago
nous 0bff2c5715
complete list 8 months ago
nous 88ebe2ee63
openrc: start before display manager 8 months ago
M. Herdiansyah bea63084ab add initial support for dinit 10 months ago
artoo 91b23a5265 remove archlinux keyring 1 year ago
Nathan Owens aa58c995eb Add haveged depends 1 year ago
Nathan Owens 3d97503604 Add 66 services 1 year ago
artoo e9e2ec9d9e live (#6) 2 years ago
nous 9fafba1f67 change order of plasma, to fix community-qt default DE 2 years ago
artoo bff662b2bb remeove s6 pacman-init dependencies file 2 years ago
artoo 2008d08da2 update desktop.map 3 years ago
dudemanguy f1a229a2b2 pacman-init: make sure /etc/pacman.d/gnupg exists 3 years ago
artoo 96cc41dcde remove potable efi helper 3 years ago
dudemanguy e9e0e0be8f Create a bundle for artix-live and pacman-init 3 years ago
dudemanguy bea5c4dfd6 s6 update 3 years ago
artoo a3751e733b rename rc services 3 years ago
artoo 88cae232da initial s6 support 3 years ago
artoo a5920b81da clean up 4 years ago
artoo c24367f987 * start 0.7 4 years ago
udeved 7727ce662e fix runit live sym 4 years ago
udeved b841184cb2 fix runit live sym 4 years ago
udeved ffb4f4ba98 update runit live for runit-rc 4 years ago
udeved 64fe174eba update runit live for runit-rc 4 years ago
M. Herdiansyah bb1f0fbdc0 reflect the new runit service directory 4 years ago
M. Herdiansyah 189ceeb7e7 Move pacman-init to a service on its own 5 years ago
M. Herdiansyah 9c6b20fea3 Fix typo 5 years ago
M. Herdiansyah 9a514cc3ca Add initial runit support for artix-live 5 years ago
udeved c9fbed1f2d pacman-init: use artix keyring 5 years ago
udeved 0ec222726b remove useless vars and code 5 years ago
udeved 9c74f29b39 adopt new script name 5 years ago
udeved 03db34d4f7 cleaning and simplifications 5 years ago
udeved 8002c261d1 update live-services 5 years ago
udeved 1ee0530226 initial live services commit 5 years ago