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artoo 6a830fd09e Merge pull request 'pacman-init: make sure /etc/pacman.d/gnupg exists' (#5) from s6-fix into master 2 years ago
nous 53738530d9 add s6.pdf 3 years ago
artoo 2008d08da2 update desktop.map 3 years ago
dudemanguy f1a229a2b2 pacman-init: make sure /etc/pacman.d/gnupg exists 3 years ago
artoo 8163c1574f set branding 3 years ago
artoo 61bc0ee372 Merge branch 'master' of gitea.artixlinux.org:artix/live-services 3 years ago
artoo dd34bf3df9 create user early to make autologin work 3 years ago
nous 36614abf6a
Add xdg-user-dirs-update --force to catch race condition in 3 years ago
artoo 96cc41dcde remove potable efi helper 3 years ago
artoo b2d2877df9 fix datadir 3 years ago
artoo d051f3f73b Makefile: install s6 3 years ago
artoo 90bb86cec1 Merge branch 's6-support-branch' of artix/live-services into master 3 years ago
dudemanguy e9e0e0be8f Create a bundle for artix-live and pacman-init 3 years ago
artoo 82e6b1edea Merge branch 's6-support-branch' of artix/live-services into master 3 years ago
dudemanguy bea5c4dfd6 s6 update 3 years ago
artoo a3751e733b rename rc services 3 years ago
artoo 88cae232da initial s6 support 3 years ago
artoo 3861ade296 update 4 years ago
artoo 20401b1e4f util-live: update load_live_config() 4 years ago
artoo a5920b81da clean up 4 years ago
artoo 5a1bddf043 start 0.8 4 years ago
artoo c24367f987 * start 0.7 4 years ago
artoo 0ccfdbfc21 fix readme path 4 years ago
artoo c30cd6999b prepare release 4 years ago
artoo e5b37014d0 try to fix calamares launcher 4 years ago
artoo 96ae6855ac desktop-items: fix konversation 4 years ago
artoo 22014421b1 fix konversation typo 4 years ago
artoo ccebe7ecf3 symlink docs to localized desktop dir 4 years ago
artoo 7557a84a7d clean up; remove old code 4 years ago
artoo 712774d585 create desktop launchers 4 years ago
artoo ef98a333ca rm netinstall 4 years ago
udeved 7727ce662e fix runit live sym 4 years ago
udeved b841184cb2 fix runit live sym 4 years ago
udeved 528b3091c6 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:artix-linux/live-services 4 years ago
udeved ffb4f4ba98 update runit live for runit-rc 4 years ago
udeved 64fe174eba update runit live for runit-rc 4 years ago
udeved dc955770b3 makefile: small fix 4 years ago
udeved 004760e16a mkaefile: fix datadir path 4 years ago
M. Herdiansyah bb1f0fbdc0 reflect the new runit service directory 4 years ago
udeved f879bf8965 start 0.5 4 years ago
udeved 7e93c77b9a makefile: fix uninstall 4 years ago
M. Herdiansyah 8832d21deb change pacman-init directory to reflect new scheme 4 years ago
M. Herdiansyah 189ceeb7e7 Move pacman-init to a service on its own 5 years ago
M. Herdiansyah 9c6b20fea3 Fix typo 5 years ago
M. Herdiansyah 9a514cc3ca Add initial runit support for artix-live 5 years ago
udeved 4f3899f6c6
util-live: fix load_desktop_map() 5 years ago
udeved 0efd3bdfa9
rename unoack to netinstall kernel param; grub now has a selection menu entry 5 years ago
udeved f5d07a597f
util-live: fix unpackfs paths 5 years ago
udeved c48893ded2
artix-live: add option to configure calamares with a unpack=yes/no kernel parameter 5 years ago
udeved 781f6de35a
rm machine-id config 5 years ago