This package is no longer used.
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if [ -x "/usr/bin/openrc-init" ] && [ -x "/usr/bin/runit-init" ] && [ -r "/etc/runit/1" ]; then
echo " We detected two init systems are installed in your system."
echo " Use 'initswitch' to choose your init."
elif [ -x "/usr/bin/openrc-init" ]; then
ln -sf "openrc-init" "/usr/bin/init"
echo " Activated OpenRC as your init system."
elif [ -x "/usr/bin/runit-init" ] && [ -r "/etc/runit/1" ]; then
ln -sf "runit-init" "/usr/bin/init"
echo " Activated runit as your init system."
echo " You have no init systems installed."
echo " Install either openrc or runit-artix."