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git subrepo push dbus-openrc
1 week ago
acpid-openrc git subrepo clone acpid-openrc 7 months ago
alsa-utils-openrc git subrepo clone alsa-utils-openrc 7 months ago
apache-openrc git subrepo clone apache-openrc 7 months ago
apcupsd-openrc git subrepo clone apcupsd-openrc 7 months ago
at-openrc git subrepo clone at-openrc 7 months ago
audit-openrc git subrepo clone audit-openrc 7 months ago
autofs-openrc git subrepo clone autofs-openrc 7 months ago
avahi-openrc git subrepo clone avahi-openrc 7 months ago
backlight-openrc git subrepo clone backlight-openrc 7 months ago
backuppc-openrc git subrepo push backuppc-openrc 1 month ago
bind-openrc git subrepo clone bind-openrc 7 months ago
bitlbee-openrc git subrepo clone bitlbee-openrc 7 months ago
bluez-openrc git subrepo clone bluez-openrc 7 months ago
boinc-openrc git subrepo clone boinc-openrc 7 months ago
brltty-openrc git subrepo clone brltty-openrc 7 months ago
bumblebee-openrc git subrepo clone bumblebee-openrc 7 months ago
cgmanager-openrc git subrepo clone cgmanager-openrc 7 months ago
connman-openrc git subrepo clone connman-openrc 7 months ago
consul-openrc git subrepo push consul-openrc 2 months ago
cpupower-openrc git subrepo clone cpupower-openrc 7 months ago
cronie-openrc git subrepo clone cronie-openrc 7 months ago
cryptsetup-openrc git subrepo push cryptsetup-openrc 5 months ago
cups-openrc git subrepo clone cups-openrc 7 months ago
cyrus-sasl-openrc git subrepo clone cyrus-sasl-openrc 7 months ago
darkhttpd-openrc git subrepo clone darkhttpd-openrc 7 months ago
dbus-openrc git subrepo push dbus-openrc 1 week ago
ddclient-openrc git subrepo clone ddclient-openrc 7 months ago
device-mapper-openrc git subrepo push device-mapper-openrc 3 months ago
dhcp-openrc git subrepo clone dhcp-openrc 7 months ago
dhcpcd-openrc git subrepo clone dhcpcd-openrc 7 months ago
displaymanager-openrc git subrepo clone displaymanager-openrc 7 months ago
distcc-openrc git subrepo clone distcc-openrc 7 months ago
dnscrypt-proxy-openrc git subrepo clone dnscrypt-proxy-openrc 7 months ago
dnsmasq-openrc git subrepo clone dnsmasq-openrc 7 months ago
docker-openrc git subrepo clone docker-openrc 7 months ago
dovecot-openrc git subrepo clone dovecot-openrc 7 months ago
elogind-openrc git subrepo clone elogind-openrc 7 months ago
espeakup-openrc git subrepo clone espeakup-openrc 7 months ago
eudev-openrc git subrepo clone eudev-openrc 7 months ago
fcron-openrc git subrepo clone fcron-openrc 7 months ago
fuse-openrc git subrepo clone fuse-openrc 7 months ago
fwknop-openrc git subrepo clone fwknop-openrc 7 months ago
git-openrc git subrepo clone git-openrc 7 months ago
gitea-openrc git subrepo push gitea-openrc 2 months ago
gitlab-openrc git subrepo clone gitlab-openrc 7 months ago
glibc-openrc git subrepo clone glibc-openrc 7 months ago
gpm-openrc git subrepo clone gpm-openrc 7 months ago
grafana-openrc git subrepo clone grafana-openrc 7 months ago
haveged-openrc git subrepo clone haveged-openrc 7 months ago
hdparm-openrc git subrepo clone hdparm-openrc 7 months ago
hostapd-openrc git subrepo clone hostapd-openrc 7 months ago
iptables-openrc git subrepo clone iptables-openrc 7 months ago
iwd-openrc git subrepo push iwd-openrc 4 months ago
jenkins-openrc git subrepo clone jenkins-openrc 7 months ago
kmod-openrc git subrepo clone kmod-openrc 7 months ago
krb5-openrc git subrepo clone krb5-openrc 7 months ago
libvirt-openrc git subrepo push libvirt-openrc 5 months ago
lighttpd-openrc git subrepo clone lighttpd-openrc 7 months ago
lirc-openrc git subrepo clone lirc-openrc 7 months ago
lm_sensors-openrc git subrepo clone lm_sensors-openrc 7 months ago
lvm2-openrc git subrepo push lvm2-openrc 3 months ago
mdadm-openrc git subrepo clone mdadm-openrc 7 months ago
metalog-openrc git subrepo clone metalog-openrc 7 months ago
minidlna-openrc git subrepo clone minidlna-openrc 7 months ago
mysql-openrc git subrepo clone mysql-openrc 7 months ago
networkmanager-openrc git subrepo clone networkmanager-openrc 7 months ago
nfs-utils-openrc git subrepo clone nfs-utils-openrc 7 months ago
nginx-openrc git subrepo clone nginx-openrc 7 months ago
ntp-openrc git subrepo clone ntp-openrc 7 months ago
nvidia-utils-openrc git subrepo clone nvidia-utils-openrc 7 months ago
openldap-openrc git subrepo clone openldap-openrc 7 months ago
openntpd-openrc git subrepo push openntpd-openrc 3 months ago
openssh-openrc git subrepo clone openssh-openrc 7 months ago
openvpn-openrc git subrepo clone openvpn-openrc 7 months ago
pcsclite-openrc git subrepo push pcsclite-openrc 6 months ago
pdnsd-openrc git subrepo clone pdnsd-openrc 7 months ago
php-fpm-openrc git subrepo push php-fpm-openrc 1 month ago
polipo-openrc git subrepo clone polipo-openrc 7 months ago
postfix-openrc git subrepo clone postfix-openrc 7 months ago
postgresql-openrc git subrepo push postgresql-openrc 5 months ago
postgrey-openrc git subrepo push postgrey-openrc 3 months ago
privoxy-openrc git subrepo clone privoxy-openrc 7 months ago
prometheus-openrc git subrepo clone prometheus-openrc 7 months ago
redis-openrc git subrepo clone redis-openrc 7 months ago
rng-tools-openrc git subrepo clone rng-tools-openrc 7 months ago
rpcbind-openrc git subrepo clone rpcbind-openrc 7 months ago
rsync-openrc git subrepo clone rsync-openrc 7 months ago
salt-openrc git subrepo clone salt-openrc 7 months ago
samba-openrc git subrepo clone samba-openrc 7 months ago
sane-openrc git subrepo clone sane-openrc 7 months ago
squid-openrc git subrepo clone squid-openrc 7 months ago
sshguard-openrc git subrepo clone sshguard-openrc 7 months ago
stubby-openrc git subrepo clone stubby-openrc 7 months ago
subversion-openrc git subrepo clone subversion-openrc 7 months ago
syncthing-openrc git subrepo clone syncthing-openrc 7 months ago
syslog-ng-openrc git subrepo push syslog-ng-openrc 6 months ago
thermald-openrc git subrepo clone thermald-openrc 7 months ago
tlp-openrc git subrepo clone tlp-openrc 7 months ago
tor-openrc git subrepo clone tor-openrc 7 months ago
toxcore-openrc git subrepo push toxcore-openrc 3 months ago
ufw-openrc git subrepo clone ufw-openrc 7 months ago
unbound-openrc git subrepo clone unbound-openrc 7 months ago
vnstat-openrc git subrepo clone vnstat-openrc 7 months ago
vsftpd-openrc git subrepo clone vsftpd-openrc 7 months ago
wicd-openrc git subrepo clone wicd-openrc 7 months ago
wpa_supplicant-openrc git subrepo clone wpa_supplicant-openrc 7 months ago
xinetd-openrc git subrepo clone xinetd-openrc 7 months ago
znc-openrc git subrepo clone znc-openrc 7 months ago Initial commit 7 months ago