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<title>The 66 Suite: boot@-66serv</title>
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<h1 id="boot@%20service">boot@ service</h1>
<p>The boot@ instantiated service is a portable set of service to boot a machine in conjunction with the 66 API.</p>
<h2 id="How%20to%20enable">How to enable</h2>
<p>Like any other instantiated service to enable it you need to specify the target of the service. The target can be a random name.</p>
<p>Such this service is a specific service to handle the boot sequence of a machine, its usually enabled on a tree build especially for it and contains only this service.</p>
<p>For example:</p>
<pre><code># 66-tree -n boot
# 66-enable -t boot boot@system
<p>The name of the tree need to match the name set at your <code>TREE=</code> <em>key=value</em> pair define into the <code>&#47;etc&#47;66&#47;init.conf</code> file.</p>
<p>Do not marks this tree enabled with the <code>66-tree -E</code> option. The <a href="">66-init</a> will take care for you about this special tree and starts it automatically.</p>
<p>Refer to the <a href="">66-tree</a> and <a href="">66-enable</a> for further information about these tools.</p>
<h2 id="How%20to%20configure%20it">How to configure it</h2>
<p>This service is declared as a <code>module</code> service and comes with its own configuration file.
The configuration file can be seen easily using the <a href="">66-env</a> tool with:</p>
<pre><code># 66-env boot@system
<p>When you&#39;re done editing this file, you need to enable again the service to apply your changes:</p>
<pre><code># 66-enable -t boot -F boot@system
<h2 id="Configuration%20file%20key=value%20pair%20explanation">Configuration file key=value pair explanation</h2>
<p>Two differents kind of variable is used:</p>
<li><p>boolean: accepts as valid value the term <code>yes</code> or <code>no</code> and nothing else.</p></li>
<li><p>string: depends of the variable and defines in the following documentation.</p></li>
<li><strong>HOSTNAME</strong> :
<li>type: string</li>
<li>valid value:
Anything you want</li>
Tells at the kernel the hostname to use and set the &#47;etc&#47;hostname file with the value passed.</li>