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Changelog for boot-66serv

In 2.4.0

  • Behavior changes:
    • local-{iptables,ip6tables,ebtables,nftables,arptables}: they use now the standard log location instead of the uncaught-logs.
    • devices-zfs: use -a -l options by default and a zfs share -a command was added.
    • devices-crypttab: use -a ay as options by default. Remove devices-brtfs dependency.
    • devices-lvm: use -a ay as options by default.
    • mount-swap: do not crash the boot sequence but warn the user instead if the swap cannot be mounted.

In 2.3.1

  • Behavior changes:

    • devices-crypttab:
      • add dependencies of all devices-xxx services.
      • do not block if lvm crash and warn user.
    • local-iptables: stop script is now hardcoded instead of calling a script.
    • mount-swap: do not crash if swapon command fail and warn the user.
    • local-tmpfiles: do not crash if a files have bad format and warn the user.
    • configure script: use zpool cache by default for ZFS_IMPORT variable.
  • Bug fix:

    • local-iptables: fix quotation with the call of the 66-yeller program.
    • local-dmesg: fix default options.
    • configure script: fix typo of the devices-brtfs name.

In 2.3.0

  • Adapt to execline
  • Adapt to s6
  • Adapt to s6-rc
  • Adapt to 66
  • Adapt to 66-tools
  • Adapt to s6-linux-utils
  • Adapt to s6-portable-utils

In 2.2.1

  • Convenient release to update dependencies:

    • 66 version v0.5.1.0
    • 66-tools version v0.0.6.2
    • tty@-66serv version v0.2.0
  • Documentation fix and update

In 2.2.0

  • Bufs fix:

    • Remove the check and creation of /sys/kernel/debug/tracing mountpoint. This is done previously by the check and creation of /sys/kernel/debug/ mountpoint.
    • local-authfiles:
      • fix the name of the variable to use.
  • Add documentation.

    • The documentation can be installed at compile time with the flags install-html and install-man.
  • mount-tmp, mount-pts, mount-shm:

    • Add lazy umount at @execute field of [stop] section.

    • update from upstream
  • New variable FIREWALL:

    • This variable replace the IPTABLES and IP6TABLES variables. It allow to choose between iptables, ip6tables, nftables, ebtables and arptables program to set a firewall. Refer to the documentation for further information. For example:
  • New services:

    • local-nftables, local-ebtables and local-arptables to handle firewall.

In 2.1.0

  • Adapt to oblibs, 66 and 66-tools

  • Bugs fix:

    • ZFS_IMPORT valid value
    • regex of the LIVE variable at all-Runtime in case of crash
    • retrieve all behavior of the system-random service.
  • all-Runtime services do not crash anymore if a runtime service fails to start. It only warns the user about the state.

  • Symlink previously at system_administration/ (e.g. /etc/66) is no longer created.

  • Udevd has its own logger created at the livedir/log/udevd (e.g. /run/66/log/udevd).

  • configure script now respects the choice about the color set at 66-enable.

  • According to the 66 >v0.4.0.0, all @build fields were removed. These fields are no longer mandatory.

  • Reorganize the environment configuration file to be clearer as much as possible for lambda user.

In 2.0.0

  • Pass to module type.
  • A lot of flags were added. Please see configure --help for further details which are self-explanatory.

In 1.2.1

  • Bugs and typo fix

In 1.2.0

  • Bugs fix:
  • is now pure sh
  • Fix swap file: active swap after remounting / rw
  • Full support of encryption password using 66-olexec

In 1.1.2

  • Bugs fix: fix devices-zfs makefile variable

In 1.1.1

  • Pass zfs to system-Devices bundle
  • Wait for all-Mount at system-fsck
  • Mount cgroups before run udevd

In 1.1.0

  • Fix mount of cgroups and zfs
  • Update script
  • Add local-sethostname service: it overwrite /etc/hostname file with the value of HOSTNAME from boot.conf
  • Ported to 66 version remove @name field

In 1.0.1

  • Fix permissions of /tmp/.X11-unix and /tmp/.ICE-unix to 1777

In 1.0.0

  • first commit.