fakesystemctl - a hack to provide systemctl function https://gitea.artixlinux.org/linuxer/fakesystemctl
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fakesystemctl - a hack to provide systemctl function

An interface among nosystemd inits, to be executed with sudo/doas, for services management and power actions, ONLY WHEN NECESSARY, i.e. when systemctl command can't be removed, although the services have been removed, like Webmin or gnome-shell power actions extensions.

Available commands are:

  • systemctl enable <service>
  • systemctl start <service>
  • systemctl restart <service>
  • systemctl status <service>
  • systemctl stop <service>
  • systemctl status <service>
  • systemctl disable <service>
  • systemctl is-active <service>
  • systemctl hibernate
  • systemctl reboot
  • systemctl poweroff
  • systemctl suspend

Other info:

  • Licensed under GPL-2.0-only https://spdx.org/licenses/GPL-2.0-only.html

  • Code complies with shellcheck https://www.shellcheck.net

  • NOT for packaging purposes - I may be pulled by other packages PKGBUILDS, only when it is needed

  • (if the above changes, this README and code, will be modified accortingly)

  • Functions tested successfully with OpenRC, Runit, s6 and elogind environments

  • Link it as systemctl to your /usr/bin folder with sudo ln -S fakesystemctl /usr/bin/systemctl