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nous 2b47bbaef3
add bluetooth clients to community 4 weeks ago
nous 5dfc0ebf56 remove suite66 from buildscripts 1 month ago
nous 759c42390f
add scribus to community 1 month ago
nous b5ae202ce6
re-add gnome-system-log to cinnamon 1 month ago
nous 3165633560
drop gnome-system-log from cinnamon 1 month ago
artoo 61bf8db924 plasma: remove obsolete kwayland-server 2 months ago
nous f1d685f851
remove playonlinux 3 months ago
nous cdb31bdda1
remove light-locker from xfce 4 months ago
artoo 011b71f0d5 remove missing pkgs md 4 months ago
nous 77f428769a
add libstatgrab to lxqt 4 months ago
nous 893ff290bd
replace qpdfview with xpdf 4 months ago
artoo 18a0782165 update cal modules conf 4 months ago
nous a5ce0f18dd
xdg-desktop-portal for native file dialogs 5 months ago
nous 2fb80cc394
fixes 5 months ago
nous 9e6282655d
more goodies in community 6 months ago
nous 881c25e9fb
default disable firefox telemetry 6 months ago
nous 7215184c54
add a fix for NM, inactive by default 6 months ago
nous 351994833b
really fix missing hostname in community 6 months ago
nous 9cfad791c2
fix missing hostname in community 6 months ago
nous a471d06126
separate calamares for community, because more RAM needed 6 months ago
nous 33b2bfc49a
add lsb-release 6 months ago
nous e82ec9f721
make lightdm check xorg 6 months ago
nous 4764351bed
community fixes #324234 7 months ago
nous 3440138839
community fixes 7 months ago
nous 8161341b45
add recovery tools to community 7 months ago
nous 8b41a55077 rsync to eu-mirror first 7 months ago
nous 76d15eb0ce LF 7 months ago
nous c9c8e7f5f3
add artix-archlinux-support to community-{gtk,qt} 7 months ago
nous beb5ac1423
Merge branch 'master' of 7 months ago
nous 9f95026b78
make community-qt autologin in plasma 7 months ago
nous 7aba208a0c fix nasty bug in script 7 months ago
nous 2011341ed1
countdown 7 months ago
nous b42b8c058a
remove i3 7 months ago
artoo c10bf011d0 update users.conf, fix autologin 7 months ago
nous 6a7c26f076 remove gnome 7 months ago
nous f60b61d3ec
set community-qt icons to breeze 8 months ago
nous f73c73464c
typo 8 months ago
nous 753ce8481d
add scrot 8 months ago
nous d3f4677330
lxde set scrot 8 months ago
nous 822dadb7e9
Merge branch 'master' of 8 months ago
nous a5910e36fe
use breeze icons in lxqt 8 months ago
nous 82b6d61486 fix kdepim 8 months ago
nous 331d23c007 tttypo 8 months ago
nous 556fe3dc6b typo 8 months ago
nous 8087ad7d0f fix build scripts 8 months ago
nous d0d2215f27
update community mirrolists, remove syncthing-gtk 8 months ago
nous 00b1491a6e remove anon from weekly 8 months ago
nous 59fc13d30c
Merge branch 'master' of 8 months ago
nous b55993cc1c
fix community grub os-prober 8 months ago
nous 052b9db271 missing single quote 9 months ago
nous ee8cab57e5 add dinit 9 months ago
M. Herdiansyah 9e27ee3ee4 add initial support for dinit 9 months ago
nous be83e48b9b
make grub respect other OSes 10 months ago
nous b70e0bab27
Use parallel pacman download 10 months ago
nous 42b103119b
allow weak passwords by default in community 11 months ago
nous 301fc72b09 updated buildscripts 11 months ago
nous 375367a57a
allow weak passwds 1 year ago
nous 34dd6bef32
+x 1 year ago
nous 8ce96636a6
fix suffix 1 year ago
nous c2183019e0
silently allow weak pass in cal 1 year ago
nous 0f57d8e56d
allow weak pass in cal 1 year ago
nous 0ce8bce3d1 fix community builds for openrc 1 year ago
artoo 4bcb8efa06 common: add Packages-boot 1 year ago
nous 9346764580 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
nous 48327ce5cc fix community-gtk not building 1 year ago
artoo 1e282bd018 common: rename suite66 1 year ago
nous b3b5d1444b
remove broken symlink 1 year ago
nous a4f5118bb0
small fixes 1 year ago
nous 7ab184fde1
remove .face 1 year ago
nous ad5d0e8372
sync lxde and xfce 1 year ago
artoo 8d80050db7 add calamares unpackfs.conf 1 year ago
artoo 618638a526 add calamares postcfg.conf 1 year ago
nous 7c5af98d6a
move common DE packages to Packages-xorg 1 year ago
nous bb84162a97
sync gnome live 1 year ago
nous 16847c2f46
fix broken symlink 1 year ago
nous 00d64d4aee
reinstate community local startup scripts 1 year ago
nous 261fb3e94c
switch syncthing-gtk to -python3 1 year ago
nous 89ad4c26b5
Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
artoo 114ff5b82b remove s6-linux-init workaround, new s6 in gremlins 1 year ago
artoo 98253b73f1 add s6-linux-init 1 year ago
artoo c22e06d6d3 artools/0.23 (#9) 1 year ago
nous 7ff0b16051 remove lowmem from auto-builds 1 year ago
nous bc27eb0148
clean up 1 year ago
nous dfc97f217b
remove knetattach from plasma 2 years ago
nous f94d6bd81b
dnsmasq in communities 2 years ago
nous 150e0b6531
remove dnsmasq from all 2 years ago
nous 1adbfb6d61
add back consolefont to boot 2 years ago
nous 9c5280cfae
remove stale artix-live 2 years ago
artoo 9d4ea3c254 live (#7) 2 years ago
artoo 8fcd45bb79 upd list 2 years ago
artoo 4b0a5a5d2e update missing pkg lists 2 years ago
nous 317378612d
Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
nous d3c288cf7d
more community wallpaper places 2 years ago
nous e1ab6d08a1 fix broken rc.conf in community 2 years ago
nous 48ea97a3f6
rm rc.local 2 years ago
nous 9593f8ff03
Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
nous 6dfa4b9e6b
update community rc.local 2 years ago
linuxer 6881fe0cef
Added packages from extras, i3 and Gnome profiles 2 years ago
linuxer e6fe616ed3
Added XFCE official ISO pasckages 2 years ago
artoo 7af4cedf19 upd 2 years ago
artoo db1b313291 update docs 2 years ago
artoo 986ce94171 update todo 2 years ago
nous f3e2b9b96e ipv6 localhost entry in /etc/hosts 2 years ago
nous 96db9517b9 upd buildscripts 2 years ago
nous ebe33f9d65 fix bug 2 years ago
nous 3be24a06e1
upd buildscript 2 years ago
nous 6e902d0454
add vi to all profiles 2 years ago
nous 5f5796c831 upd buildscript 2 years ago
nous a6ff722626 add parallel rc.conf template for openrc images 2 years ago
nous 3ef02ba0d3 update gitignore 2 years ago
nous 5046c661f0
update buildscript 2 years ago
nous b17bfc6cec do not build runit/s6 community 2 years ago
nous 6ff51b402c
fix community-qt plasma wallpaper 2 years ago
nous d9563bd84a
change community wallpaper to DNA 2 years ago
nous 6236db4961
fix #2 fresh run 2 years ago
nous 601a31b58b
fix fresh run 2 years ago
nous 717c24fb14
fix broken symlinks 2 years ago
nous 62b37feee1
more cleanup 2 years ago
nous 0da48facad
try to fix plasma autologin in community-qt 2 years ago
nous 15368a2d22
update build scripts 2 years ago
nous 6342663d0c yasf #2 2 years ago
nous 8694b906fe yasf 2 years ago
nous bc8ab18a98 small fixes 2 years ago
nous 2a1be8fcf6 upload all scripts 2 years ago
nous dacb8ca16e
remove calamares.desktop from profiles 2 years ago
nous 6dbd9165db
sync plasma and community-qt 2 years ago
nous 0f4aa9085b
add wine-mono to community 2 years ago
nous 42fd80cc8a
Cleanup community profiles, add clementine 2 years ago
nous c700c6e52d
add [universe] in repos, hdparm in packages 2 years ago
nous 161c12e686
deprecate user-manager in plasma 2 years ago
nous 516f403bcc
replace yaourtix with trizen 2 years ago
nous 3c6234f4de
add modemmanager-gui to community 2 years ago
nous e90cb408c3
add modemmanager to ISOs 2 years ago
nous 9eb236547a
remove overlaid sddm artix theme 2 years ago
nous daa1f5c886
fix broken konversation icon on community-gtk lxde 2 years ago
nous d06c3d95ba
Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
nous d8657d9d33
remove unneeded sddm-artix-theme from cinnamon 2 years ago
nous 41547e70f3 Fix KDE groups 2 years ago
nous 0ef9017aeb Update 'TODO' 2 years ago
nous 3597a15937
remove uneeded screengrab from plasma 2 years ago
nous af478a758d
rename artix-sddm-theme to sddm-theme-artix 2 years ago
nous 696728c9de
add dark mode for qt5-webengine browsers 2 years ago
nous 227cb3c250
update TODO 2 years ago
nous 49aad5e5ae Update 'TODO' 2 years ago
nous 4a2c45dae8
Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
nous deadb42c63
add plasma-pa 2 years ago
nous 3b3df59354
Sync profiles with each other; add xhost, htop, qt5-imageformats 2 years ago
nous 7edd466a8a switch to master branch for building 2 years ago
nous 4378886686
rm /etc/local.d/0-process_local.d.start, it's in artix-branding-base 2 years ago
nous 24fccd628a
Merge branch 'master' into refactor 2 years ago
nous 640794ef9c
add XFCE 2 years ago
nous 1c6217c0d6 fix rsync 2 years ago
nous 13885d8b1c
Merge branch 'refactor' of into refactor 2 years ago
nous 9444983619
use UUIDs in grub 2 years ago
nous 3cf16a70e1 update 3 years ago
nous af889fad0d Update '' 3 years ago
nous 37f70a6ed1
rm, not chmod 3 years ago
nous 4485e0bb39
fix wallpaper in community 3 years ago
nous 32a04236da
add some lightweight apps in lxqt 3 years ago
nous 6108acac91
add missing skel 3 years ago
nous de640eb43c
Add branded calamares icon 3 years ago
nous febce4b283
add test script 3 years ago
nous 1bd866ba7c
Darken everything 3 years ago
nous b5cfe8e076
nm-applet instead of cmst 3 years ago
nous a60fe5d740
nm-applet for LXQt 3 years ago
nous 9102d9f4e0
Try to lower live grub resolution 3 years ago
nous b4ae0f71a1
update TODO 3 years ago
nous d2c1820b9e
try to fix MATE wallpaper 3 years ago
nous 72b70f0844
Add global gtk2 settings 3 years ago
nous 5c968564b0
Add global GTK2 setting 3 years ago
nous 2b95c5a09c
autologin plasma 3 years ago
nous 1aec5b4cb8
make runit/s6 process local.d 3 years ago
nous 7b61cb206e
darken calamares 2 3 years ago
nous 24a029e98e
darken calamares 3 years ago
nous 6cda640881
add community-presets 3 years ago
nous a2eee80f01
move more config into presets 3 years ago
nous 3165135e37
remove broken kdeglobals 3 years ago
nous 8398482166
rm mimeapps.list 3 years ago
nous 2ce9cee8ed
big commit 3 years ago
nous 478ba83884
more cleanup 3 years ago
nous 6ece05e7f2
switch gtk icon theme to faenza dark 3 years ago
nous 66a9e57117
Merge branch 'refactor' of into refactor 3 years ago
nous 574edc8448
fix missing calamares symlink in /etc/ 3 years ago
nous e633d2e4f0 Make build script clean chroots because low diskspace 3 years ago
nous 83d77de42a
resolve conflicts 3 years ago
nous dcf02d0080
bluetooth->bluetoothd 3 years ago
nous 7be0239edb tune 3 years ago
nous 9f1808cd08 fix MATE backgrounds 3 years ago
nous d70a399e04 switch autologin to plasma 3 years ago
nous 6dd70ad8fd fix cinnamon and plasma network managers 3 years ago
nous c5a342b272
more community fixes 3 years ago
nous db753d068d
add /etc/local.d execution in runit/s6 3 years ago
nous 206d72c6cb
fixed community-qt and bundled almost entire KDE 3 years ago
nous 0b82a7abe3
remove freaking broken arch mirror 3 years ago
nous 217784136b
update TODO 3 years ago
nous e4a5d14f1f
update stuff in /etc/local.d 3 years ago
nous 80499ae63a
update TODO list 3 years ago
nous 69af0b31a0
update TODO list 3 years ago
nous dc28691d12
remove non-existing showphoto 3 years ago
nous 3cab25c7f7
use DNA spiral in community 3 years ago
nous 0d3c91cbc5
remove community-skeleton from profiles 3 years ago
nous 0d0aefbaab
sync packages-root among profiles 3 years ago
nous 3f51d8e8bc
More updates to packages-root 3 years ago
nous 1ff7d568cd
switch plasma to nm 3 years ago
nous 34d68913be
switch font from fira to roboto 3 years ago
nous ba93775733
shrink loffice config 99% 3 years ago
nous 6946090693
WIP on qt and gtk community 3 years ago
nous 552ae4a2bb
add 3 years ago
nous 21f06e1d38
add community profiles and readme 3 years ago
nous b29ddcfd3c
Add common community ISO files 3 years ago
nous 739e8a0828
re-add /etc/environment 3 years ago
nous d31afeca97
rm /etc/environment 3 years ago
nous 5371243f4c
updates 3 years ago
nous bdfe8dee9a
Fix some errors and typos 3 years ago
nous dd61c4151e
Fix Plasma environment and autologin 3 years ago
nous 868272301d
fix error detection 3 years ago
nous 1c94cb3308
ready 3 years ago
nous 1e9cc9dac9
fix timestamp 3 years ago
nous f195819382
update build script 3 years ago
nous 136dc5dcad
update build script 3 years ago
nous 05183df6ca
update build script 3 years ago
nous 42db164c86
add build script 3 years ago
nous add579d679
fix overwritten login info 3 years ago
nous 6236ab1fab Add cinnamon to the recipe ;-) 3 years ago
Chris Cromer 162dd2a604
make instlall icon on desktop executable 3 years ago
Chris Cromer e5938687b2
update the cinnom packages on the root 3 years ago
Chris Cromer d4c177cd53
change to more minimalist packages 3 years ago
nous d4fe1dd82b
remove neofetch, it it dep of branding-base 3 years ago
Chris Cromer 6d270793d0
add cinnamon and desktop install file 3 years ago
nous b022c9e041
remove htop from base 3 years ago
nous ec12d645ab
fix base 3 years ago
nous e292f5ddee
fix missing grub in base 3 years ago
nous e7969ff696
add missing grub files 3 years ago
nous 856a4657ad
fix dark on dark 3 years ago
nous 258b911e08
Give a better issue 3 years ago
nous b45c569e43
Reove bash and local.d 3 years ago
nous 8ad494ef8e
Move bash and local.d stuff into artix-branding 3 years ago
nous 6fc62d74f9
Some fixes 3 years ago
artoo 39b153ae01 add kde 3 years ago
nous d4b41c9741
add plasma profile 3 years ago
nous d91d25e8c8
fix MATE autologin 3 years ago
nous 8c3cac3754
remove broken udev symlink 3 years ago
nous 8cd092928f
Move from DE-presets to toolkit-presets 3 years ago
nous 946b69f6ab
kvantum-qt5 needed for correct theming 3 years ago
nous c17ae10ba8
kick lxdm out 3 years ago
nous 87b613957b
Fix artix-grub in roots 3 years ago
nous 04cf533c04
add /etc/environment 3 years ago
nous 9b83623eef
add /etc/environment 3 years ago
nous daa70c4897
Normalive Packages-Live in all flavours 3 years ago
nous f8ab5b288c
Symlink into common 3 years ago
nous 15f10277ad
trivial symlink fix 3 years ago
nous 9c9e86d81c
update pkglist 3 years ago
artoo 085d08cbc3 merge remote master 3 years ago
artoo ffd8f52ad8 adopt new artix-grub pkgs 3 years ago
nous 852892ef57
cleanup 3 years ago
nous 8e303f9add
More changes 3 years ago
nous 6e35f3e888
Working hard 3 years ago
nous c4305ea3ec
late 3 years ago
nous 0d107afa90
More fixes 3 years ago
nous 8bd67b3df4
Merge branch 'master' of 3 years ago
nous 8874af2730
remove cryptkey kernel cmdline from grub 3 years ago
artoo 1c41928fd8 add blocaled on runit &s6 3 years ago
nous 3c698a3327
remove artix-grub from Packages-Root 3 years ago
nous 1c54fec831
remove artix-grub from Packages-Root 3 years ago
nous 7e479215d5
fix connmand service typo 3 years ago
nous a5d0a567fb
fix typo 3 years ago
nous d55eccc666
add xcursor-premium to pkglists 3 years ago
nous 56a4994d77
Update lxde pkglist 3 years ago
nous e3007ea874
Clean up MATE pkglist 3 years ago
nous ca23fd3009
Move package list from artix-mate-presets 3 years ago
nous 7460760627
Some more additions 3 years ago
nous b5ae081ff5
Add fs-encryption related grub and mkinitcpio configs 3 years ago
nous 7870a60450
Preliminary for LXDE 3 years ago
nous 4f4b70a7c5
correct MATE in autologin lightdm settings 3 years ago
nous 0228ac1bd0
Some fixes 3 years ago
nous c5fcd6f220
remove pluma, already in mate-extra 3 years ago
nous f84b7d9b66
Updates 3 years ago
artoo 4070312cc9 remove portable efi 3 years ago
artoo 071fcb2fb3 ensure dracut is not pulled in 3 years ago
artoo cd3557495e update 3 years ago
artoo 4c1db8ef07 lxqt: update 3 years ago
artoo 66e5f3ccd8 upd 3 years ago
artoo 832bfcddf8 update profiles 3 years ago
artoo 2dc90143b7 update packages-root 3 years ago
artoo 4cf9ced4fe update Packages-Root 3 years ago
artoo c501e7eb10 add kernel headers 3 years ago
artoo 016b1393d6 mate: update lightdm greeter 3 years ago
artoo 57a12dac42 add s6 pkgs 3 years ago
artoo b497f68792 add mate profile 3 years ago
artoo c1041a4b83 prepare for new lxqt presets 3 years ago
artoo 8a4d0d9cc8 prepare for new base package 3 years ago
artoo 8bcdce1a23 prepare artools-0.15 3 years ago
artoo c9ce213e3e prepare artools-0.15 3 years ago
artoo 869b7105fe add .gitignore 3 years ago
artoo d1130dfc4e lxqt: remove desktopfs layer 3 years ago
artoo c252fea9e9 linex: add backuppc 3 years ago
artoo 2986cfa7e7 linexa: add a bunch of live packages to have a usable live session 3 years ago
artoo 37890ed48c add linexa server profile 3 years ago
thoralf 8369cef652 „linexa“ löschen 3 years ago
thoralf 3cd1fe38a4 „linexa“ hinzufügen 3 years ago
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.gitignore vendored

@ -0,0 +1,2 @@


@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
# Notes
1. buildiso uses /usr/share/artools/pacman-default.conf for all pacman operations, and copies it into the ISO.
2. ~/artools-workspace/iso-profiles overrides the system default ones
3. livefs overlay isn't copied over to installed system
4. having more than one kernel specified in base/Packages-Root fails (June 2019)
5. buildiso seems to use both /etc/pacman.conf and /usr/share/artools/pacman-default.conf
1. DONE: /etc/default/grub append net.ifnames=0
2. DONE: metalog-openrc instead of syslog-ng-openrc in ~/artools-workspace/iso-profiles/base/Packages-Root, because the latter seems to hang on some systems
3. DONE: connman instead of nm in base/Packages-Live, because it's lighter and just as efficient
4. DONE: gparted instead of partitionmanager
5. DONE: Remove start menu arrow in MATE (~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css)
6. DONE: remove mate-backgrounds and add artix wallpapers instead
7. DONE: Encrypted filesystem requires /crypto_keyfile.bin in mkinitcpio.conf/FILES and cryptkey=rootfs:/crypto_keyfile.bin in default/grub/GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX, or kernel updates break
8. DONE: For QT ISO: QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME must be unset, otherwise icons are invisible in Plasma desktop (nuoveXT2 set gets picked up by the gtk2 settings) and there are dark text on dark background issues in systemsettings5 and some widget settings. QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=gtk perhaps should be set (e.g. in /etc/environment)
9. DONE: GTK2 toolbar is a png, needs some darkening.
More TODOs, Nov 2019
1. DONE: Virtualbox is ugly with every QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE setting except kvantum-dark; use an alias in /etc/bash/ until fixed upstream
2. DONE: GTK ISO: Use gschema overrides instead of the binary dconf blob <-- almost done, MATE doesn't honour some overrides and we use /etc/dconf instead
3. DONE: Create a basic branding package to keep the profiles lighter.
More TODOs, Jan 2020
3. Create an extended/community branding package.


@ -0,0 +1,34 @@
# iso-profiles
The Artix ISO profiles
The *community* GTK and Qt profiles (MATE-LXDE-Cinnamon and KDE/Plasma-LXQt) are mostly symlinks to community. Only a few files/directories differ that accomodate settings specific to the flavour. Those files/directories are ***not*** symlinks.
Compared to *base/minimal* profiles, the community profiles differ in:
1. /etc/skel is a lot more populous, as it contains DE and application settings <-- WIP, to be replaced by a package
2. A few scripts in /etc/local.d/ get executed at first boot:
* theme-root creates in /root/.config some symlinks to /etc/skel/.config, for allowing sudo apps follow the overall theme, and gets deleted after execution
* artix-icons converts all start-here.png icons in /usr/share/icons to the Artix logo
* 0-remove-openbox-sessions deletes openbox entries in /usr/share/xsessions; openbox sessions are unconfigured and can even hang if chosen. Also gets deleted after execution
* change-machine-id replaces machine-id in /etc and /var/lib/dbus at every boot
* mkinitcpio detects whether the installation is encrypted or not and modifies /etc/default/grub and /etc/mkinitcpio.conf accordingly
3. The default evowise mirror in mirrorlist-arch is commented out for being very slow
4. rc.local enables the magic sysrq key and replaces the boring /etc/issue with a neofetch dump
5. A nice DIR_COLORS is present in /etc.
6. /etc/environment sets QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2 and QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=gtk in the GTK ISO. The other way round in Qt.
7. /etc/vconsole.conf is symlinked to conf.d/consolefont, which is a merge of both. This allows both OpenRC to set the console font and mkinitcpio run the hook early at boot.
8. /etc/xdg/kcm-about-distrorc is branded for Artix (<-- Not needed anymore, Plasma uses lsb-release or something). There are a few more config files there, stolen from other distros.
9. The mkinitcpio.conf in *desktop* profile is preconfigured for rootfs encryption, otherwise system becomes unbootable at first kernel upgrade. If encryption isn't enabled, the script in local.d removes the setting.
10. There's a custom local.bashrc in bashrc/bashrc.d, with a better PS1 and a few useful aliases and customizations. <-- Have been split into 2 packages (2nd is WIP for community)
11. default/grub is preconfigured with the artix-grub-theme and rootfs encryption; see no.9.
12. elogind/logind.conf sets KillUserProcesses=no, which seems to be forgotten to incredibly stupid default 'yes'
13. In profile.d/ libreoffice is themed with SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk
14. rc.conf sets *rc_parallel* and *rc_crashed_start* to YES
15. /etc/hosts for live sets *artix* to loopback, some programs hung for a while resolving it
16. The branding icons in /usr/share/icons/matefaenzadark are set to Artix
17. 60-ioschedulers.rules in udev/rules.d sets I/O scheduler according to disk type (ssd/rotational) <-- part of our udev now
18. /root/.config contains settings for Midnight Commander
19. /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini is branded for Artix
20. A little tested and possibly incomplete theme for LXDM lies in /usr/share
21. A tweaked SDDM theme appears in /usr/share/sddm


@ -1,2 +1,14 @@
# iso-profiles
The artix iso profiles
The Artix ISO profiles.
The profiles are designated base, minimal and community.
Base only offers a bare minimum system, installable from the CLI. For advanced users.
Minimal profiles (come with a basic DE (LXDE, LXQt, Cinnamon and MATE), slightly preconfigured. The graphics installer of choice is Calamares. For knowledgeable users.
The community profiles come in two flavours, GTK (with MATE and LXDE), and QT (with Plasma and LXQt). They are fully preconfigured and contain many applications for everyday use. Ideal for average or novice users or people that just want a well-endowed live ISO for setting up an out-of-the-box working OS.
Common settings among all minimal profiles are stored in ''common''.


@ -0,0 +1,64 @@
community editions don't use common/etc/hostname
FIXED community-gtk: installed system user autologins
FIXED community-qt: LXQt is unresponsive at live boot; needs sddm restart to work
DONE lxqt: default icon theme is mate, must be breeze
FIXED xfce-suite66 calamares fails
FIXED lxde-s6 calamares fails
DONE lxde screenshot set to scrot
FIXED autologin: runit
FIXED no-autologin: dinit, openrc, s6, suite66
FIXED calamares fail: lxde
FIXED lxqt 'frozen' widgets:
DONE = Symlinks in profiles are dereferenced, move 80-net-link-something.rules into package
= Move some stuff out of the profiles into packages
DONE |_ Desktop settings -> artix-$DE-presets
DONE |_ Application settings -> app-presets
FIXED /etc/rc.local from artix-branding-base overwrites /etc/issue with artix:artix info
DONE Change prompt from $ to % in community profiles
Openbox not deleted from xsessions <-- see next
DONE Make rc.local execute stuff in /etc/local.d under runit/s6:
ls -l /sbin/init | sed 's/.*->\ \(.*\)-init/\1/'
DONE mimeapps.list must be separate for each profile
DONE Networkmanager in LXQt
DONE GRUB remove 1280x1024
DONE Fix libreoffice-7 bright side-pane; perhaps related, /etc/profile.d/ SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3 spurts (soffice:5766): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:14:33: Failed to import: Error opening file /home/artix/.config/gtk-3.0/window_decorations.css: No such file or directory
DONE Plasma is getting fucked-up with QT_* set to gtk; see kinfocenter - the alternative kvantum-dark has ugly widgets
DONE Use firefox-dark-reader instead of local/skel profile's
DONE Also consider a few more addons from the group
DONE Test firefox before releasing
DONE XFCE4 profile
Autologin-session selection
Cinnamon fonts should change to Roboto 11 instead of M$ ones, for consistency
DONE Remove screengrab from plasma
DONE Use QTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS=--blink-settings=darkMode=4,darkModeImagePolicy=1/--blink-settings=darkModeEnabled=true,darkModeInversionAlgorithm=4/--force-dark-mode or whatever works with Qt-5.15
DONE The window title font in XFCE needs to be adjusted
DONE The Libreoffice background needs to change from 'Automatic' to '#2a2a2a'
DONE Fluid is dark in GTK but light in Qt
community-qt still boots into LXQt
DONE The SDDM theme could use some darkening
DONE Perhaps add man-pages to the ISOs
DONE Fix plasma desktop icons (~/.local/share/.....)


@ -1,18 +0,0 @@
@openrc artix-live-openrc
@runit artix-live-runit
@openrc networkmanager-openrc
@openrc ntp-openrc
@openrc bluez-openrc
@runit networkmanager-runit
@runit ntp-runit
@runit bluez-runit


@ -1,92 +1,8 @@
@openrc acpid-openrc
@openrc cronie-openrc
@openrc cryptsetup-openrc
@openrc dhcpcd-openrc
@openrc haveged-openrc
@openrc lvm2-openrc
@openrc mdadm-openrc
@openrc nfs-utils-openrc
@openrc rsync-openrc
@openrc openssh-openrc
@openrc wpa_supplicant-openrc
@openrc syslog-ng-openrc
@runit acpid-runit
@runit cronie-runit
@runit cryptsetup-runit
@runit dhcpcd-runit
@runit haveged-runit
@runit lvm2-runit
@runit mdadm-runit
@runit nfs-utils-runit
@runit rsync-runit
@runit openssh-runit
@runit wpa_supplicant-runit
@runit syslog-ng-runit
# loads by default common/packages-{base,apps}


@ -1,25 +1,17 @@
################ install ################
# default displaymanager: none
# supported: lightdm, sddm, gdm, lxdm, mdm
# Set to false to disable autologin in the livecd
# start services
# SERVICES=('acpid' 'bluetooth' 'cronie' 'cupsd' 'syslog-ng' 'NetworkManager')
# bluetoothd, cupsd, DM are added to the pkglist dynamicly
# metalog or syslog-ng is added to the pkglist dynamicly
# connmand or NetworkManager is added to the pkglist dynamicly
# only added if in array, these pkgs have no list entry
# default group membership
# ADDGROUPS="video,power,storage,optical,network,lp,scanner,wheel,users,log"
SERVICES=('acpid' 'bluetoothd' 'cronie' 'cupsd' 'metalog' 'connmand')
################# live-session #################
# default value
# HOST_NANE="artix"
# default value
# USER_NAME="artix"
# default value
# PASSWORD="artix"
# Set to false to disable autologin in the live session

base/live-overlay/etc/default/grub → base/root-overlay/etc/default/grub

@ -1,49 +1,53 @@
# If you want to enable the save default function, uncomment the following
# line, and set GRUB_DEFAULT to saved.
# Preload both GPT and MBR modules so that they are not missed
GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES="part_gpt part_msdos"
# Uncomment to enable Hidden Menu, and optionally hide the timeout count
# Uncomment to use basic console
# Uncomment to disable graphical terminal
# The resolution used on graphical terminal
# note that you can use only modes which your graphic card supports via VBE
# you can see them in real GRUB with the command `vbeinfo'
# Uncomment to allow the kernel use the same resolution used by grub
# Uncomment if you want GRUB to pass to the Linux kernel the old parameter
# format "root=/dev/xxx" instead of "root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/xxx"
# Uncomment if you want GRUB to pass to the Linux kernel the old parameter
# format "root=/dev/xxx" instead of "root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/xxx"